Saint Paul’s Church

Picture of Saint Paul's Church623 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

Saint Paul’s Church Put-in-Bay

Saint Paul’s Church is within walking distance from the downtown area of Put-in-Bay and is one of the oldest churches on South Bass Island. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church welcomes visitors of all faiths. The church is located on the corner of Catawba and Lakeview  Avenue. This allows island tourists and permanent residence to continue practicing their faith. Every Sunday there is a service provided for all the worshipers. This also gives local islanders and tourists a chance to meet and greet and create special bonds.  

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Particulars

This holy site provides many services for its community. Every Sunday all year round, a 7:45 am and a 10.30 am service is offered. This service includes the Holy Eucharist and music played with the program. Other programs are also offered such as after-school programs held every Tuesday during the school year. Programs for adults are also provided such as their Conversations of Faith held at St. Pauls Church every Tuesday in the summertime.

The Labyrinth is a unique imprint of archetype that can be found around the world in many traditions. St. Paul’s Episcopal church offers walking meditations from dawn to dusk, dedicated in 2011. This imprint found at the church is a replica of the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth in France.

Many other events and programs can also be hosted at the church such as Baptism, Weddings, Confirmation, Vow Renewals and Holly communion are also very common. Guided tours are also provided for the tourists who are simply interested in the history of the St. Pauls Church. Tours are usually available most days from 8 am to 4 pm typical done my appointment. However, all visitors are welcome to explore the church on their own time as well.   

The History of St. Paul’s Church

This Devine holy site was built in 1865 making St. Paul’s Episcopal church one of the oldest churches in Ohio. The first service was officiated by The Rev John Mills Kendrick in 1865. This monumental house of the lord still maintains its original wood frame to this day. Jay Cooke bought the land for $10 from Jose De Riviera, where the congregation then raised money to begin construction which began in the winter time of 1864. Marillib Vroman Hartman also made a large contribution to what makes the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church what it is till this day.  

The Stained Glass Windows of St. Paul’s Church

Another beautiful feature that illuminates the church’s beauty and what its known for is its stained glass. These exquisite glass pieces can be dated back to as early as the 1900s. During service hours when the sun hits the right spot the light radiates through these magnificent pieces and gives the whole church a breathtaking vibe. An Example of one of the special pieces found in the church is a scene of purple vines and fisherman with their nets portraying a story.

In The St Pauls Church Neighborhood

The Church is an easy walk from the main strip at a little less than two full blocks. Numerous Put-in-Bay Restaurants are in the area including the Reel Bar The Brewery and The Old Forge. Locate just across the street is the Mother Of Sorrows Church. Both Churches have ample parking for cars & golf carts. Sunday afternoon, an Antique Car Parade is an island tradition and best watched on Catawba or Delaware Avenue.