Jewelry By Jessie What’s Happening This Season With The Island Wire Artist

I’m honored to have called the island my home since 2001. I’ve traveled a bit and love coming back with new ideas and inspirations for  Jewelry By Jessie to share with our community. What I don’t talk about much is how I share our story with people all over the world and inspire them with some Lake Erie Love. I got my first job at Island Imports working for John and Lisa Kutschbach behind the old Treasure Chest in 1996. I was 16 years old. I commuted from my childhood summer love MiddleBass Island and learned and watched. I started Jessie’s Jewelry on the deck of the Wharfside the summer of 2002 post9/11.

I had a 70’s antique suitcase of wire and stones my Dad hand cut and a metal box of handmade pieces of jewelry. You can now find me at my Jessie’s Jewelry stand, the Kiosk, at the entrance to the Keys on the water just east of the Jet Express dock. Uncertain times in our country and, I think, art and creativity play a big role in society. It’s super interesting Put-in-Bay is full of all kinds of creative people
and yet art business doesn’t thrive here. Art propels us into a vision of a new world. It also brings us together and gets us talking about new things outside of the norm.

Jewelry By Jessie To Try New Things This Summer

This summer, I want to try some new things. I’m writing this little ditty to share some inspiration and hope to bring some creative folks together to simply share what they love and get some creative juices flowing. Anyone who has ever seen my Jewelry By Jessie work knows that stones are a central theme for me. I imagine the island as a big rock full of caverns and crystals. I think lots of folks are drawn here simply by the amazing healing energy of the Celestite crystal cave at the winery – a national treasure as far as I’m concerned. The other central theme I don’t talk about as much is wire. A wire is a simple invention, carries the electricity that runs our homes and factories, it is used in electronics, plus it used in both artistic and practical ways. I love the way it moves and the many metal forms it comes in from copper to 18k solid gold. It is Zen in its simplicity and culture changing in its functionality. In a stressed out, over-complicated world there is value in simple joys. Maybe more value than ever. Come enjoy a simple pleasure with me.

This summer, I would like to simply share my love of creativity

with whoever is willing and open to learning or growing their creativity. Wire & Wine Jewelry Making Class On Monday, June 17th (full moon), from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Keys’ Lola’s overlooking the amazing Lake Erie views I will offer a beginner Wire Jewelry Class making a link bracelet. This class is called ”Wire and Wine” and will include two cocktails for a cost of $50. Contact me or stop by the Kiosk with any questions or to sign up (12 person Maximum).

Jewelry By Jessi Art Studio Opening

On Monday, June 24th, from 7 to 9 p.m. I will host an open house “Art Studio Opening” at 126 Sybil Blvd in the east entrance of the Brown Barn just past Ruth’s Beauty Shop. Drinks and snacks with my most recent Jewelry By Jessie artworks on display and welding demos. A very special artist guest will also attend. Come see who it is! For additional info, please stop the at Jessies Jewelry Kiosk at The Keys or contact me at (330) 608-4664. Party Fun! Want to add a new twist (LOL) to your next event? I can teach a private jewelry making class or creativity workshop for your guests to enjoy. Call me at (330) 608-4664, or stop by the Kiosk for more info.