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Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial

Perry’s Victory And International Peace Memorial – One of Put-in-Bay’s Most popular attractions

During the War of 1812, Oliver Hazard Perry was dispatched to lead the American forces in the battle of Lake Erie. Upon his arrival in Erie, Pennsylvania Perry engaged local carpenters to commence the building of a new, modern era fleet of ships in an effort to thwart the British. One year later, only two of the nine ships were battle ready. Over 510 men were recruited to serve under his command.

In 1813 early September the Lawrence & the Niagara set off to seek the British fleet near Put-in-Bay. Commanded by General Robert Heriot Barclay, the British expected an effortless easy victory over the new in inexperienced Perry and his fleet.

On September 10th, the fierce battle began. Even thou the American fleet outnumbered the British 9 ships to 3, the American fleet incurred heavy damages from the more accurate British Cannons.

The American ship Lawrence was destroyed early in the battle and Perry took the ship’s flag and moved to continue fight aboard the Niagara. The Niagara fresh into the skirmish pounded the British killing every senior officer aboard. The junior officers were no match for the wit and wisdom of Perry who rammed the British ship resulting in their surrender.

Later that evening, Perry sent a message to General William Henery Harrison detailing the battle with the now famous words “We have met the enemy, and they are ours”

This crucial Battle effectively cut off the British Supply lines to Detroit causing them to abandon the area. it also set the stage for another successful military maneuver, The Battle of the Thames.

The Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial commenced construction in October of 1912 and opened on June 13th, 1915. This Doric Column constructed of granite features an observation deck accessible by an elevator with breathtaking views of the Lake Erie Islands. Under the floor of the monument, the remains of six soldiers are buried, tAmericanricam and 3 British soldiers. Perry’s Victory And International Peace Memorial celebrates many long lasting years of peace between the United States & its northern neighbor, Canada. This popular Put-in-Bay Attraction is open for tours seasonally.