Crystal Cave

Picture of the Crystal Cave at Put-in-Bay978 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave Put-in-Bay

Crystal Cave is a geological treasure on Put-in-Bay.  It is home to the World’s largest geode.  Strontium sulfate lines the walls of this beloved cave which is open for tour.  This truly beautiful site is surely one not to miss out on. You can find the Crystal Cave near the Heineman Winery in the center of the island.

Crystal Cave Particulars

The Crystal Cave was originally discovered by workers digging above in it 1897.  They were working 40 feet above when the ground fell into the cavern.  Today, the cavern is much larger than what these men discovered.  The crystals were once harvested to aid in the production of fireworks. Consequently, the cave grew in size.  Now, the crystals in the cave range from 8 to 14 inches.

During Prohibition, the Crystal Cave helped keep Heineman’s Winery open by giving tours. Fortunately, the Crystal Cave tours helped to keep the business afloat.  Interestingly, there were many more wineries on the island prior to Prohibition.  However, they did not have a tourist attraction to lure visitors.  Consequently, the other wineries were forced to close.  Thankfully, the great island tradition of winemaking continues with the 4th generation of the Heineman family.

Crystal Cave Location

This spectacular cave is located beneath the historic Heineman’s Winery.  The winery is the oldest family-run winery in Ohio.  Since 1888, they have been producing island wines and several of those wines have won awards in competition.  The location is at the intersection of Catawba Rd and Thompson Avenue. Perry’s Family Fun Center is across the street. There are many fun things to do at Perry’s Family Fun Center. The War of 18 Holes Mini Golf, GemStone Mining and more await guests.

Crystal Cave Tours

Tours are offered 7 days a week from early May to late September

  • Cost: $8 Adults $4 Children Aged 6 through 11
  • Monday – Saturday Tours Begin at 11 AM;
  • Sunday Tours Begin At 12 PM; Tours Conclude at 5 PM Daily

Around the Neighborhood

As you leave the cave you are in the center of the island. Nearby is the Goat Restaurant famous for their Perch Tacos and homemade soups of which several varieties are offered daily. There are several nearby walking trails and parks including the Alfred Parker Park and the Jane Coats Wildflower Trail. Both are ideal locations for a stroll. Another favorite past time is just cruising around the island in a golfgolf cart admiring the various types of architecture that you will see on the island.