Jane Coats Wildflower Trail

Picture of the Jane Coats Wildlife Trail Enterance1962 Put-In-Bay Rd.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Jane Coats Wildflower Trail

The Jane Coats Wildflower Trail At Put-in-Bay

The Jane Coates Wildflower Trail is a beautiful half- mile trail located on the south side of Put-in-Bay It is a very peaceful walk through nature, where one can enjoy the blooming flowers and the singing hummingbirds. It is not a place that is advertised too much to the public, thus making its location that much more special.

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Details

This Scenic trail is well maintained by lake Eries island Conservancy. Local Island volunteers are usually seen walking around the trails maintaining its natural beauty. There are many volunteers The Prime season for these exquisite flowers bloom the brightest in the month of April and May, however, Jane Coats Wildflower Trail is still a very peaceful walk to enjoy throughout the island season.

Janes Coates Wildflower Trail also connects to three acres of woods on the opposite side of Ladd Carr wildlife woods. This area of the island is well conserved and protected from further development due to a grant from the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund in 2007 as well as funds from a private donor. The Land Conservancy Groups have worked together to protect these native lands.

The name behind this blossoming trail is honored by Jane Coates, a beloved island local artist who had such a big passion for this Islands natural beauty and wildlife. Jane Coates Wildflower trail is made of a mixture of Black Cherry, Sugar Maple, Blue Ashe, Basswood and a common Hackberry trees. In the springtime, flowers such as Dutchman’s Breeches, Blue Phlox and Jack In the Pulpit can also be found. In the springtime particularly the Dutchman’s Breeches blossom all over the grounds and it is definitely a site to see. This is the perfect haven for bird watchers, nature lovers and environmental enthusiasts.

The Wildlife of the Lake Erie Islands

Since this area is surrounded by many migratory birds and animals, guests often have the pleasure of observing wildlife while strolling through this scenic trail. This attracts many bird watchers from all over the country allowing them to expand their knowledge about the different species that are found in the South Bass Island area.

To those Guest who are Interested and would like to expand their knowledge on Lake Erie Birds? There is an extensive checklist of both migratory and local birds compiled by Tom Bartlett with data from the Kelleys Island Audubon, Pelee Island Bird Observatory, Lake Erie Islands Conservancy and his years of banding birds on the Lake Erie Islands.

Other species that linger between the bushes from reptiles to amphibians can also be found in that area. These woods are a very important breeding ground for these species. Animals such as Blanding’s Turtles, The American Toad as well as Salamanders can also be spotted around the island.

Bird Species At Jane Coats Wildflower Trail

• Horned Larks
• Tree Swallows
• Worm Eating Warblers
• Clay Colored Sparrow
• Western Meadowlark
• Eastern Bluebird
• Scarlet Tanager

Jane Coates Wildflower Trail Nearby Neighbors

There are many other trails in the surrounding area near the Jane Coats Wildflower Trail for all the nature lovers trying to escape the downtown madness. After enjoying all the scenic trails in the area, there are many dining options close by to take a break and refuel. Joe’s Pub is nearby where one can enjoy its many options of savory food and drinks menu. They also provide a big patio where guests can unwind and play some corn hole. Down the street from Joe’s Pub, you will also find the Goat Soup and Whiskey restaurant which is always a wonderful choice for a special date since it is more of an upper scale restaurant but can also be enjoyed just as much with friends and good company.