Put-in-Bay Brewing Company

Picture of the Put-in-Bay Brewing Company441 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Put-in-Bay Brewery

 Put-in-Bay Brewing Company

In 1996 Put-in-Bay Brewing Company became South Bass Island’s first brewery, and for over twenty years it has remained a favorite place among visitors and locals. Continued pioneering resulted in the company’s installation of a massive copper still in 2013 making it the island’s first legal distillery. This move really set the stage for the Put-in-Bay Brewing Company to become the preferred destination for craft beer lovers. With an exceptional selection of craft brews and a tasty food menu, it’s no wonder why the Brewing Company has been around for so long.

Some of Put-in-Bay Brewing Company’s island brewed summertime favorites include:

·       Ultra-filtered Watermelon Wheat, offering a perfect clash of traditional and summer flavors.

·       Strawberry Basil Wheat Beer, which greets the nose with a subtle fruity aroma before the wheat flavor embraces your pallet.

·       South Bass Milk Stout, chocolatey malt base with roasted barley mixed with milk sugar for a dark delicious taste.

·       Raspberry Mocha Stout, chocolate alternative infused with raspberry for a classic but complementary array of flavors.

·       Pass Out Bourbon Stout, the name instills caution behind the bold flavor of a milk stout spiked with Kentucky Bourbon.

All these and more are available on tap. However, flavors are alternated throughout the season to maintain variety and to allow for a truly unique experience with each visit. As an added bonus, this season Put-in-Bay Brewing Company will offer 32-ounce Crowlers so you can take some of the creative flavors home with you. Or if you are staying for the weekend the Crowlers are the perfect size for a BYOB cookout at the South Bass Island State Park.

Put-in-Bay Brewing Company Menu Particulars

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, Put-in-Bay Brewing Company is the ideal place to grab food with your drink. Their mouth-watering menu contains a number of items that pair well their craft brews. For example, the Brewery Cheese Soup functions well as an appetizer or an afternoon snack with your wheat beer. If you are hungry for more, they have customizable Greek Pizza and delicious Perch Sandwiches. You can try the Mexicali Burger or the Walleye bites as well. Notably, their chicken pasta is the best on the island. Put-in-Bay Brewing Company also incorporated a kid’s menu that includes Chicken Fries and homemade Mac’n Cheese.

Put-in-Bay Brewing Company is located in a historic building next to the Put-in-Bay police station. The charming brick building is over one hundred years old! Consequently, it has witnessed the island grow from a small town in the early 1900s to the lively summer destination it is today. Long before the first golf cart roamed the streets of Put-in-Bay the building was a grocery store, then a fire station, and finally an impressive distillery that continually adds to the island’s rich history. As you sip your craft beer and eat lunch on Put-in-Bay Brewing Company’s open-air patio this summer, you won’t have to look far to witness history in the making. Most of the menu offerings are available for carryout making for a nice picnic at the Massie Cliffside Preserve or the Scheeff East Point Preserve, two of Put-in-Bays Parks.

Nearby, and operated by the same proprietors is the Put-in-Bay Trading Company, the Island Surf Shop, and the outdoor bar Mojito Bay. Across the street is the Island only grocery store and Tippers Restaurant attached to the Beer Barrel Saloon, the world’s longest bar.