Great Lakes Tobacconist

Picture of the Great Lakes Tobacconist1400 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

The Great Lakes Tobacconist

The Great Lakes Tobacconist, also known as Richard Warren, is a Put-In-Bay legend. Richard is a man of many talents and a true island character that makes this part of Lake Erie and the world so special! His knowledge of Cigars makes him the ideal person to be coined the Great lakes Tobacconist.

The Great Lakes Tobacconist Particulars

The Great Lakes Tobacconist really captures the island spirit in his hand rolled, premium cigar. Personally blended by Richard himself, each cigar is hand rolled by Kilner Boutique Factory in Tamboril, Dominican Republic. There isn’t a better man for the job than Richard Warren. Aside from creating these one of a kind cigars, he grows giant pumpkins every year for the Oktoberfest and is always a front line character for Pyratefest, dressed from head to toe in the best pirate gear!

The Great Lakes Tobacconist Cigars

·        Put-In-Bay Brewery Cigar

·        Miller Ferry

·        Island Airlines

·        Heineman Winery

·        Monument

·        Niagara

·        Mojito Bay

As a tribute to the history of the island, Richard developed the Put-In-Bay Historic Series personally. For $60.00, you receive 1 Niagara Robusto, 1 Niagara Corona, 2 Island Airline Cigar, 2 Monument Cigars, and 1 Heineman’s Winery Petit Pyramid Cigar. This special collection comes in a collector’s wooden box.

Each of these cigars is a premium blend of many different tobaccos. The mild Niagara Corona, where Brazilian and Dominican tobaccos are carefully blended to make a truly light and delicious taste. The Niagara Coffee Cigar is smaller with dark notes of chocolate and coffee. For the perfect 20-minute smoke, choose the Niagara Short Robusto.

The Monument was introduced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Perry’s Peace Memorial Monument and is very mild, wrapped in Brazilian Cubra and was developed to pair with the sweet, citrusy drink at the Mojito Tiki Bar in Put-In-Bay. A wonderfully mild smoke.

Each cigar can be purchased in a set or individually, a perfect gift for Father’s Day or celebrating a new baby!

The Great Lakes Tobacconist Locations

·        Heineman Winery

·        The Boathouse Beverage Center and Delivery

·        Joe’s Bar

·        Miller’s Marina

Developed to go with the sweet wines sold at your favorite winery on the island, The Heineman Winery lasts for over 20 relaxing minutes. Another cigar, the Put-In-Bay Brewery Cigar is a full-bodied cigar with a blend of 5 tobaccos with a dark wrapper. This cigar pairs nicely with an ice cold IPA>

Any cigar and a glass of premium wine is truly a match made in heaven. Consider ordering a glass of scotch at Joe’s Bar and sit out on their deck. Puff away and enjoy the summer breeze, couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.

Around The Great Lakes Tobacconist Neighborhood

After you’ve loaded up on some great cigars, stop by the Put-in-Bay T-Shirt Company for some of the coolest shirts on the island. Their display of Put-in-Bay Branded shirts along with some really wacky shirts make this shopping stop one not to miss. If you are up for a bit of sightseeing Put-in-Bay Airport is a great place to relax and watch the helicopters and planes take off on a challenging runway.