Del Sol

Picture of Del Sol Put-in-Bay185 Toledo Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Del Sol

Witness the Power of Sun with Del Sol Gear

Are you planning a family voyage? If you are undecided between a Natural getaway and a relaxing destination chock-full of food, shopping, and nightlife, why not have it all in one location! Here’s something that will pique your fancy.

Del Sol: A Unique Shop!

Del Sol is amongst one of the most interesting shops on the island. Located right on Delaware Avenue in downtown Put-In-Bay, its convenient location in the middle of all the entertainment. Located within the Harbor Village Complex, visitors can also uncover a fine selection of shops. The Jet Express terminal is walking distance. Make sure you check out the other sights and delve into the tastes of nearby restaurants to find your favorite.

The color change magic of the Del Sol products – Del Sol Technology

When you walk inside Del Sol shop, you will immediately notice how their color changing items can help you stand out from the crowd. Once their discrete product line exposed out in UV-rays, their black-and-white color scheme would turn into a gorgeous Technicolor. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?  Del Sol store amazes everyone with their proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology and use of color changing dyes. Sun exposure causes the transformation of dyes into prints. The fun part is when you go indoors, it restores its original color. Besides their innovative color shifting technology, Del Sol features a wide of variety of color changing gift items with a whole range of colors and sizes. Further, Del Sol also runs promotions for an absolutely free bag.

Most importantly, Del Sol’s purchased items will always remind you of an incredible vacation spent on Put-In-Bay. Pick your favorite color, head outside and watch as the colors change. Experience the joy yourself; you will love the magic that color shift technology brings to you. Shoppers may have all the fun in sun with Del Sol shop packed with stylish apparel, nail polish, bags, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, and hair accessories and so on. In addition, Del Sol is an ideal place to stop by for picking up gifts that really embrace the sun. Don’t miss the Carriage House Gift Shop just across the street or the Put-in-Bay Shirt Shack just a short walk away just before the T& J Restaurant and the Misty Bay Boutique.

Meanwhile, if you want to take a break from sun, then head on over to the Blue Marlin Pool Bar, Frosty Bar, or Margaritas On The Rock in the same complex, and cool off with their refreshing drinks.

Put-In-Bay: An Island with So Much to Do and See

Packed with numerous sightseeing places, the island not only allows enjoying summertime vibes with its daytime attractions but these varied attractions are also closely located together into one small area. There you can explore exciting events, go fishing, ride a Put-in-Bay Jet Ski, mine for gemstones, experience rich nightlife, play golf, tour historical museum, and a lot more, all within a 5-minute golf cart ride distance. It is also one of the few places where driving a Put-in-Bay Golf Carts are the preferred method of transportation! The good part is the island has something for everyone, young and old alike. While there are many captivating activities for kids, adults wouldn’t find themselves bored as they can discover some of the Put-In-Bay’s best in shopping