Carriage House

Picture of the Carriage House Put-in-Bay160 Delaware Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Carriage House

The Carriage House

Are you enjoying your Put-In-Bay getaway? There is one place that you don’t want to miss- the Carriage House! The Carriage House is a boutique shop situated on Put-In-Bay. Why must you stop at this boutique shop? Well, for starters, there are more than 600 items for you to look at many of which are branded with the Put-in-Bay name. Each of the items displayed in the boutique shop was hand-picked by the proprietors to ensure quality. Not to mention that the historical building is hard to miss once you enter Delaware Ave.

The Carriage House Particulars

You don’t have to travel far to get to the Carriage House. It’s conveniently located in the center of the Put-in-Bay Shopping District for convenient access. You can catch it arriving into town or heading back to the ferry, and you will find the Carriage House on your way. It is close by to the Jet Express terminal. Get your friends souvenirs from the Carriage House’s vast collection. You will find gifts including frisbees, hats, trinkets, shot glasses, toys, clothing, and other aesthetically pleasing accessories. You are bound to find something you will like and there is plenty for the kids as well!

The Carriage House Location

If you have seen Kimberly’s Carousel the authentic merry go round, you will find the Carriage House next to it on the left. The carousel is a favorite location of many children ever since it was built in 1917.  The downtown area has various beautiful sites for you see. You can find it all, whether it be a boutique shop, an amusement park or fresh pastries at the nearby Village Bakery.

Give your taste buds a treat by devouring one of the many delicious candies at the Put-in-Bay Candy Bar. Enjoy mouth-watering ice cream at the patio or in their Adirondack chairs in the front yard. Visit the Boathouse Bar and Grill for an excellent lunch or dinner. This place is known for its superb music, and entertainment.

Sometimes you need to freshen up when enjoying an outing. DeRivera Park has public restrooms and lockers for your convenience. So, store away your shopping bags before you head out for the perfect dinner.

It doesn’t matter who you are traveling with; you will find a lot to do in Put-In-Bay while the adults can relax while dining, children will find the Chocolate Museum to be a sweet attraction.

Just beside the Boathouse, you will find Boathouse Biergarten and The Keys Restaurants. These two are a great place to dine or grab a cold beverage. After all, you deserve to enjoy a great meal after your hard day of shopping. Not to mention that Lake Erie is a serene sight to see.

All in all, Put-In-Bay is the perfect destination for you. Not only does it have great food and sightseeing options, but thru its wide variety of Put-in-Bay Attractions and history, it’s sure to keep the entire family engaged.