Put-in-Bay Winery

Picture of the Put-in-Bay Winery392 Bayview Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Put-in-Bay Winery

Put-in-Bay Winery

The world-renowned Put-in-Bay Winery is situated on the historic Doller House Estate right next to downtown Put-in-Bay. It is one of two wineries at Put-in-Bay the other being the Heineman Winery just a few blocks away. During the summer months, island visitors from around the Midwest, and even around the world, have a unique opportunity to enrich their palates with a great wine tasting experience. Put-in-Bay Winery produces high-quality wine with unique flavors by monitoring every step of the winemaking process. This assures the best quality is maintained from seed to bottle. They don’t expect you to just take their word for it, the Put-in-Bay Winery offers tours and tastings so you can experience it firsthand.

There is a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing how your wine is prepared and where it comes from. The Put-in-Bay Winery takes pride in educating visitors about their historic estate and the dynamics of the wine they produce. At Put-in-Bay Winery, visitors have the opportunity to sample an array of island wines as well as a variety of wines bottled within the region. The staff members at Put-in-Bay Winery are committed to introducing beginners to new flavors and connoisseurs to new favorites.

Put-in-Bay Winery’s menu includes:

·       Pink Catawba – blushing pink wine with a balance of sweetness and tartness

·       Blackberry – dessert wine created entirely from sweet blackberries

·       Concord – sweet red wine with grape juice like aroma

·       Red Witch Sauvignon Blanc – dry white wine containing grass and citrus undertones

·       Commodore Perry Chardonnay – white wine aged in American and French Oak

·       Valentine’s Chocolate – sweet chocolate flavor with a strong core

·       Celebration – a fun sparkling wine that pairs well with any celebratory occasion

An already great wine tasting experience is supplemented with a journey to various locations within the estate which provide the atmosphere both you and your wine deserve. Put-in-Bay Winery boasts a beautiful wine garden and front porch views of the Put-In-Bay harbor and Gibraltar Island. Inside the picturesque Italianate home visitors will find an ornate giftshop and a tranquil winetasting room.

If you are coming to the Island to celebrate with a group, Put-in-Bay Winery offers catering and event planning. Put-in-Bay Winery’s waterfront property offers stunning views of Lake Erie while the expansive backyard is well suited for parties and dancing. You will also find a strategically placed gazebo that provides a place for socializing. Put-in-Bay Winery’s expert staff are obliged to assist in planning the perfect event and offer full-service catering from an exclusive menu that includes gourmet items such as:

·       Put-In-Bay Winery Vino Pie Supreme

·       Gorgonzola and Pear

·       Veggie Goat Cheese

·       Artisanal Cheese Plate

·       Cheese and Meat Plate

While being sequestered from the hustle and bustle of downtown, the Put-in-Bay Winery is still proximally located to the Put-in-Bay Ferry Jet Express dock so getting your group there is a walk through the park. Feel free to call them and plan your reception, or visit them during your next cooperate event or family reunion at the Put-in-Bay Resort. You can also make reservations for smaller more intimate events like group dinner or birthday parties. Put-In-Bay Winery hosts events for groups ranging in size from fifteen to sixty and really provides a great place to visit this summer.

While you are in the area, be sure to stop by the Aquatic Visitors Center just up the road from the Put-in-Bay Winery. You are also just down the street from Kayak the Bay and the home port of the Put-in-Bay Charterboat Fishing Service both a left hand turn out of the winery. Turning right will take you past The Wharfside Shop and the Topsy Turvey Restuarant and Bar.