Perry Monument Hours Extended

Perry Monument Hours to remain open until October 2009 Visitors to Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial at Put-in-Bay will see a new sign posted at the entrance to the 352-foot Doric column in August 2009. The new sign is welcome news to the park because it indicates that the much-needed repairs to the repairs to the Perry Memorial Memorial are getting underway at Put-in-Bay.

The dark blue sign is required to be posted at all construction sites awarded Recovery Act funds, said Superintendent Blanca Alvarez Stransky. “We are looking forward to beginning Phase One of the repairs on the Memorial. It’s been three years since the 500-pound piece of granite fell from the top of the Observation Deck and forced us to close the upper plaza. Funds for the Recovery Act will allow us to repair the 1932 Otis elevator that transports approximately 150,000 visitors to the Observation Deck every year.

More importantly, we will also repair the freeze/thaw damage that has occurred over the years to the Observation Deck due to poor drainage,” added Stransky. The elevator work originally scheduled to begin August 1, 2009, will not commence until October 2009. Visitors will be able to access the Observation Deck until at least September 30, 2009. “Before we can repair the Observation Deck, we must correct some operational deficiencies associated with the elevator. Originally, we were anticipating closing the entire Monument in August but we just learned that the contractor must develop shop drawings before work can begin on the elevator. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we can extend the Perry Monument hours. the Memorial will remain open until at least September 30, 2009,” Stransky said. “However, once construction begins on the Observation Deck we anticipate that the Memorial will be closed for the next two summer seasons,” added Stransky.
The park will offer several new Ranger programs, including construction tours.

“The building of the actual Memorial between 1912 through 1915 was an incredible feat and one that should be shared with our visitors. I am very pleased that my staff will be able to share the construction story with our visitors,” Stransky added. A remnant of the 500-pound granite block that fell from the observation deck will be put on display. The granite block created a 24-inch wide hole on impact with the upper plaza. For more information about the Memorial construction, please contact Superintendent Blanca Alvarez Stransky at 419 285-2184 For hotel reservations while visiting Put-in-Bay visit Put-in-Bay Resort Accommodations