Massie Cliffside Preserve

Massie Cliffside Preserve At Put-in-Bay

For such a small island, South Bass contains so many interesting things like Massie Cliffside Preserve and numerous other lands that have been preserved from development by land grants. Put-in-Bay offers a multitude of activities from gourmet dining to the hottest nightclubs all the way to the incredible nature preserves such as Massie Cliffside Preserve, The Jane Coats Wildflower Trail, the Dodge Woods Preserve and more. Put-In-Bay has something for just about everyone.

Massie Cliffside Preserve Particulars

One of several protected areas of land in the island, Massie Cliffside Preserve is 11 acres shoreline on the East point of South Bass. The area has a beautiful cliff habitat and a lovely dock for fishing. It is a short walk from Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. For many years the land operated as Massie Fishcamp where hundreds of thousands of people vacationing at Put-in-Bay enjoyed primitive campsites along with a joke, or song from its former proprietor the distinguished and loved Bill Massie. Several groups purchased this land in 2015 including the Clean Ohio Conservation Fund, Coastal Estuarine Land Conservation Program, private donations, and landowner donations. Later, Len and Connie Knam purchased four additional acres of adjacent woodland in 2016 and the entire park was dedicated in 2016. THis is just one of several Put-in-Bay Trails & Preserves that have been set aside for your enjoyment.

A trail connects visitors from the State Route 357 Parking Lot to the Massie Cliffside Preserve. This trail is popular among photographers, bird watchers, and nature lovers alike. Feel free to bring your fishing gear along, there is a dock open for public fishing. Commemorative benches line the cliff allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery. These benches are popular amongst the bird watchers. This is a great place to watch the sunset after a day spent on the island.

Massie Cliffside Preserve & Island Wildlife

Lake Erie is most famous for the delicious perch, walleye and bass it produces. Places like Massie Cliffside preserve offers a different side of local wildlife. Bird watching is also a very popular island activity all summer long. The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy provides a large list of both local and migratory birds you can expect to see. This list includes:

  • Tree Swallow
  • Horned Lark
  • Black-throated Gray Warbler
  • Song Sparrow
  • Crested Caracara Falcons
  • Pileated Woodpecker
  • Green Herson
  • Northern Bobwhite
  • Black-bellied Plove 

There are also several species of reptiles and amphibians to see from toads to salamanders. The rarest animal is the Lake Erie Watersnake. Sometimes referred to as LEWS, it is only found in this region. You can often find one basking in the sun on the rocky shore or searching for fish while swimming in the water. This is a state-threatened species so make sure you don’t do them any harm! They are non-venomous but can sometimes be a little curious and aggressive.

Lake Erie Island Conservancy

This Conservancy is responsible for taking care of multiple properties throughout South Bass Island and Middle Bass Island. A small team of dedicated board members founded the conservancy in 2000 and strive to protect and conserve natural areas from rapidly encroaching development throughout the area. They protect over 70 acres on both islands all year long, allowing visitors to enjoy the island for years to come!

Massie Cliffside Preserve Area Attractions

After a long walk thru the preserves exploring the fauna and enjoying mother nature, getting a bite to eat might be high on your list of things to do! No worries just a short golf cart ride away you’ll fine some really great restaurants like Margaritas On The Rock with really good Tex-Mex and handcrafted Margaritas! On the main strip, Pasqualies Restaurant serves up breakfast lunch & occasionally dinner with a relaxed homestyle menu with an Italian influence. If you enjoy sports, be sure to check out Mr’ Ed’s Bar & Grill where every seat in the house features a great view of a large TV featuring sports on demand.