Antique Car Museum

Picture of the Put-in-Bay Antique Car Museum979 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Antique Car Museum

Put-in-Bay Antique Car Museum

Come see the island’s oldest automobile at the antique car museum located at the Perry’s Cave and Family Fun Center just one mile from the downtown main strip. Open May through September and offering free admission, the antique car museum is an attraction that is sure to please both young and old alike.  Rare Model Ts, vintage snowmobiles, road signs and gasoline memorabilia lovingly gathered by Charles “Skip” Duggan who is considered one of the modern day “Founding Fathers” of Put-in-Bay.

The antique car museum is dedicated in memory of Skip and can be found in the same location as the Perry’s Cave across the street from Heinemans Winery. Some of the vehicles on display are actual cars that participate in the very popular Antique Car Parade held every Sunday since the 1990s, Car enthusiasts have paraded through the streets of South Bass Island and the downtown Put-in-Bay area.

Put-in-Bay Antique car owners meet at the old Twine Shanty on Langram Rd. and take off around 2:00 pm. Families gather on the downtown sidewalks to watch the parade. Children eagerly await the candy that is tossed into the crowd from the candy truck at the end of the parade. An after-parade party is hosted by one of the car owners or local businesses each week. This Put-in-Bay tradition is to remember and thank Skip Duggan for sharing his love of vintage cars with the whole island!

The parade can be viewed on Delaware Avenue the main strip or enjoy a relaxing afternoon lunch the Forge Restaurant, Reel Bar or Hooligans all of which have outdoor seating and or porches that offer a great view of the parade