Scheeff East Point Preserve

Picture of Scheeff East Point PreserveEast Point Nature Preserve
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Scheeff East Point Preserve

Scheeff East Point Preserve

8.8 Acers of land was purchased by the Conservancy of the Lake Erie Islands and names the Scheeff East Point Preserve located on the Eastern side of South Bass Island. The preserve is accessible by a golf cart or taxi and is at the end of the road known as St. Route 357 at Put-in-Bay. There are no public restroom facilities at the location. There is ample parking in the area.

Scheeff East Point Preserve Particulars

One of the last of the pristine natural sports on the Lake Erie Islands, the preserve offers stunning views of the Bass Islands as well as Ballast Island. The shallow water depth combined with a rocky shoreline has helped several threatened species make a comeback including the watersnake, waterfowl and several species of native birds.

Named in honor of Rose Scheeff who generously donated funds to help the conservancy grow, the Scheffe East Point Preserve also features a comfortable walking trail around the circumference of the refuge. Many people use this preserve to Bird Watch or enter by water with Kayaks. The Land was deeded to the Park District after it was purchased from another Land Conservancy known as the Western Reserve and is governed by the Put-in-Bay Park District, an arm of the township government.

A wildlife service grant helps protect the habitat of the Lake Erie Watersnake and assistance also comes from groups such as the ODNR, First Energy, the Eagle of Sandusky Ohio and private donors including Mrs. Scheeff.

Scheeff East Point Preserve and the Lake Erie Watersnake

For many years and up to 2011, the Lake Erie islands Watersnake was on the endangered species list. The non-poisonous snakes are known as aggressive and can bite when provoked. The snakes are gray and on average are 18 inches to 24 inches long. They hibernate in the winter and come to life in the Spring where they play an important role in the control of invasive species such as the Goby.

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy plays an increasingly important role in preserving the islands treasures and tourism and expansion of the residential segment continue due in part to the popularity of Put-in-Bay.

Around The Scheeff East Point Preserve Neighborhood

While out and about on the East Shore of Put-in-Bay, be sure to enjoy the many different types of architecture that you will find in homes new and old. Eastpoint, as it is known, is mostly residential in nature but you will certainly notice the most prominent feature when entering that part of the island The Perry’s Peace Memorial Monument. The Doric Column towers over 300 feet into the air and is a great place to look out over Lake Erie from the observation deck located on the top. On your way into town, Margaritas On The Rock across from the visitors center is a fun place to grab a little Tex-Mex and a frosty cold beer. For some of the island best Ice Cream, the Dairy Isle is also located just a block father on Bayview Avenue.