Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides

Photo of the Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides1494 Langram Road
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456

Put-in-Bay Airport

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides

No matter where you are on Put-In-Bay, the view is beautiful. Where you are on the deck of The Keys or enjoying the coastline from the comfort of your boat are traditionally satisfying scenic views. But until you have taken the helicopter Tour you really have not seen Put-in-Bay! For something a little out of the ordinary and an extra exciting, take flight with Put-In-Bay Helicopter Rides and see the island from a new perspective high up in the sky!

Put-in-Bay Helicopter Ride Details

They offer two scenic tours so consider taking two rides while you’re on the island. Each tour has a minimum of two passengers, a maximum of three, and is manned by an expert. The ride begins at the Put-In-Bay Airport, which is located at 1494 Langram Road, on the southern end of the island.

The first tour offered, the Yellow Tour is $59.99 per person. Enjoy a true birds-eye view of South Bass Island. Take in the site of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument, the Lighthouse, Benson Ford Ship house, and the rocky coast.

The grand tour, the Blue Tour, is $99.99 per person and fly’s high about the Lake Erie Islands. Soaking the views of South Bass Island, Middle Bass, and North Bass Island. From here you can see the Canadian border, only a few miles away. This amazing tour gives an awesome perspective of this unique part of Ohio, and the country.

The Put-In-Bay location is open from May to September and their Port Clinton location is open year around. Gift certificates make an excellent gift and can be purchased at either location. First timers and seasoned regulars will love seeing the island from this unique perspective, don’t miss out on this one of a kind opportunity.

Put-In-Bay Airport

The Put-In-Bay Airport makes travel to and from the island in a small plan easy. The airport consists of two runways and is open year around. Arrivals and departures are scheduled from dawn until dusk. Both runways are modern and paved, however, they are not lit, and no departures are allowed after dusk.

When the winds exceed 10 knots passengers can expect some turbulence on the approach. Every plane must remain 1000 feet from Perry’s Victory and International Peace Monument and the column is located just 1.5 miles southwest of the field with an elevation of 942 MSL.

The airport does not offer fuel service, but pilots can purchase some at the nearby Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport. Put-In-Bay Airport provides charter services, vending, and restrooms. All major credit cards are accepted here.

Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides

Once you try flying, it’s hard to not want to go back up. After your helicopter ride, you can take a ride in a restore WWII biplane. These open cockpit aircraft are manned by an instructor and you can choose from a smooth scenic ride, aerobatic thrill ride, or a flight lesson. Put-in-Bay Bi-Plane rides make a GREAT gift!

Events at the Put-in-Bay Airport

The airport is host to several fun events that take place every summer, especially if you’re a fan of small aircraft and vintage cars.

Make sure to visit when The Put-In-Bay 3W2 Fly-In Pilots land at the airport to socialize and meet other plane enthusiasts. The popular Antique Car Parade joins in and at the end of the day, there is a pig roast.

 The Put-In-Bay Road Race Reunion Is a two-day racing even at the airport for amateurs and professionals. Vintage race cars compete by class in a challenging road course constructed on the runway and taxiway of the Put-in-Bay Airport. This is also fun even for spectators.