BiPlane Rides

Photo of Put-in-Bay BiPlane Rides1494 Langram Rd.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456
Put-in-By Bi-Plane Ride

Put-in-Bay BiPlane Rides

If you’re looking for something completely different, why not take to the skies the way the pioneers of air travel did? Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides offers a truly unique experience and is located out of the Put-in-Bay Airport. The open cockpit biplanes are straight out of World War I, but we promise you won’t have to worry about a dogfight! You can choose to take a scenic flight, gliding above the island or get a flight lesson and learn how to fly the biplane yourself. If you’re feeling really daring, you can let the pilot take you on an unforgettable thrill ride of barrel rolls, spins, and loops! Whatever you choose, the aerial views of the Bass Islands are sure to astonish, and the always friendly pilot will ensure that your experience is unforgettable.

Where to Stay Near Put-in-Bay Airport BiPlane Rides

This is a highly customizable Put-in-Bay attraction. They will tell you everything that you can do up in the sky and you can pick and choose to customize the perfect experience for yourself. They operate out of the Put-in-Bay Airport. If you need a place to stay nearby, the Put-in-Bay Poolview Condos are a great option. The Poolview condos have their own taxi service and Put-in-Bay golf cart rental, as well as an on-site pool. You’ll have a blast whether you sightsee all over the island, or just hang out at the condos. It’s easy to get anywhere on the island in just minutes from Put-in-Bay Condos.

Getting away is all about making memories and having a blast doing things you don’t get to do at home. Make Put-in-Bay Biplane Rides a part of your vacation to the island, and you’ll have a thrilling story to tell everyone back home.

Around the Put-in-Bay Biplanes Neighborhood

Aside from Biplane rides you can also sora high above the ground two other ways! Put-in-Bay Helicopter Rides offers tours of the island with several different choices for the length of tour and price. Put-in-Bay Parasailing also allows you to soar high into the sky albeit is slightly slower pace! There is just so much to see and do at Put-in-Bay that one day is not enough!