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Put-in-Bay Ohio's 2015 Entertainment Schedule

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Put-in-Bay offers a wide array of entertainment from musical comedians to nationally known touring acts. The Put-in-Bay nightlife scene is not limited to just nights! Many of the islands most popular restaurants and nightclubs offer afternoon and early evening shows in addition to their late night headliner acts.

Afternoon entertainment venues tend to be more on the family friendly side, perfect for enjoying a laid back lunch or afternoon snack in the Victorian Village of Put-in-Bay. Be sure to enjoy a show with Put-in-Bay legends Pat Dailey, Mike "Mad Dog" Adams, Bob Gatewood and Westside Steve!

Select your favorite entertainer from the list below to review their scheduled appearances at Put-in-Bay along with the location of their performance. You can sort by venue, dates or bt the individual entertainer.

Please note these schedules are as reported to PutinBay.com and are subject to change. We attempt to update any changes as they are reported to us.

Featured Entertainers

Bob Gatewood & the Calabash Band (Website) -

You can catch Put-in-Bay's own Bob Gatewood around 100 times a summer, either with his band Calabash (Round House Bar, Beer Barrel) or as a solo artist (Fishbowl). His latest cd, "Be Good to Yourself" spawned a #1 and #2 song on Cleveland radio last Fall as well as topping the playlist on several local fm stations. His homegrown songs are recorded in Nashville with rock legends and they regularly win critical acclaim and awards. He is a masterful guitar player, has been dubbed a local legend by the Plain Dealer, and the mayor of Put-in-Bay even declared a day in his honor. You can hear his music and download it at bobgatewood.com

Mike "Mad Dog" Adams (Website) -

Put-in-Bay's favorite pirate entertainer Mike "Mad Dog" Adams has been a Round House Bar island tradition since 1980! Performing throughout North America and the Caribbean, "Mad Dog" has opened concerts for a wide range of legendary performers, Johnny Cash, Alabama, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Daniels, Starship, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more. He has also appeared on Comedy Central, The Nashville Network, The Dr. Demento Show, Sunday Funnies, Nightshift and local television and radio shows throughout the U.S.

Mike "Mad Dog" Adams has recorded four albums of original music, "Me and Jim Beam" (1985), "Stuck on the Island" (1994), "Lake Affect" (2005), The Other Side of Hell (2007) and two comedy albums "Live at Laff-In" (1989) and "Live at the Funny Farm" (1999). He has also written and performed several radio commercials and is a featured fictional/nonfictional character in the Bob Adamov mystery action novel The Other Side of Hell.

Come see why Mike "Mad Dog" Adams legendary afternoon performances at The Round House Bar are so popular. In no time at all you'll be hoisting a refreshing beverage, singing, chanting a Ziggy Zaggy, and agreeing that, "Everyday Above Ground Is A Gooood Day!"

Pat Dailey (Website) -

The Bard of The Bay, Singer/Songwriter Pat Dailey will be entertaining the faithful in new digs as he has moved his ever popular show to The Boat House on Put-in-Bay back in 2007 and he is playing there again in 2009. Fans will be delighted as they will get to see Pat in a more intimate up close and personal setting. He will play 7:00pm shows on Holiday weekends and every Saturday in July and August and through mid September. The Boat House will serve dinner prior to Pat's shows,so come if you are hungry. The recently redecorated club is in a class by itself with a beautiful nautical theme and plenty of space to enjoy what has been called "The Best One Man Show in The Country". You can expect superior service and reasonably priced adult beverages on a regular basis. The Jet Express, just a block north of The Boat House has guaranteed late night return service to the mainland in both Port Clinton and Sandusky for those not staying over night. The official Pat Dailey Fan choice hotels, The Put-in-Bay Resort & Conference Center along with The Commodore Resort will offer room and show package deals as well as special "Pat Dailey Fans Weekday Special Rates" all season. Call 1-888-PIB STAY [742-7829] for special rates and information.

All Entertainers and their Current Schedules

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Play Date
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Play TimeLocation
Sunset StripFri, April 1008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Sunset StripSat, April 1108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Killer FlamingosSat, April 119:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSun, April 122:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleySun, April 1208:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Sunset StripSun, April 1208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Zack AttackFri, April 1708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
TwinpfunkFri, April 179:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Zack AttackSat, April 1808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bar PilotsSat, April 189:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSat, April 182:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSun, April 199:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingSun, April 1908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Cherry CrushFri, April 249:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Calen & The SavagesFri, April 2408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
VenyxSat, April 259:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, April 252:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Calen & The SavagesSat, April 2508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Cherry CrushSat, April 259:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSun, April 263:00pmBeer Barrel
Scott ParisSun, April 269:00pmRoundhouse Bar
VenyxSun, April 269:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleySun, April 2608:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Ollie's Pool PartyFri, May 019:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, May 019:00pmFishbowl
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, May 014:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Pop RocksFri, May 0108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, May 023:00pmFishbowl
Ollie's Pool PartySat, May 029:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bluff CanucksSat, May 022:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSat, May 025:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSat, May 029:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, May 0211:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Pop RocksSat, May 0208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bright Light BandSun, May 039:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSun, May 035:30pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksSun, May 039:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleySun, May 0308:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Fibbion HandfulFri, May 0808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Sparks The RescueFri, May 089:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, May 084:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, May 089:00pmFishbowl
Fibbion HandfulSat, May 0908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, May 09TBAReel Bar
Kyle WhiteSat, May 095:30pmBeer Barrel
Sparks The RescueSat, May 099:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, May 0911:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Nashville CrushSat, May 099:30pmBeer Barrel
Kyle WhiteSun, May 102:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSun, May 105:30pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingSun, May 1008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Nashville CrushSun, May 109:30pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksSun, May 109:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Up NextThu, May 149:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The JunkFri, May 1508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, May 15TBAReel Bar
Up NextFri, May 159:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, May 154:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, May 152:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The JunkSat, May 1608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallySat, May 169:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSat, May 165:30pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksSat, May 166:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, May 163:00pmFishbowl
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, May 1611:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Up NextSat, May 169:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, May 162:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSun, May 172:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleySun, May 1708:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Bright Light BandSun, May 172:00pmBeer Barrel
TwinpfunkSun, May 179:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSun, May 175:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallySun, May 179:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowWed, May 202:00pmRound House Bar
Gas Station DiscoThu, May 2108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Killer FlamingosFri, May 229:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusFri, May 229:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, May 229:00pmFishbowl
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, May 222:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, May 224:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Tyler StevensFri, May 2205:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Gas Station DiscoFri, May 2208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Killer FlamingosSat, May 239:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, May 236:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Calen SavidgeSat, May 2304:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Terry & AndrewSat, May 2301:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, May 2311:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, May 232:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Splendid ChaosSat, May 2308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
The MenusSat, May 239:30pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSat, May 235:30pmBeer Barrel
JamesonSat, May 232:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSat, May 232:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSun, May 246:00pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensSun, May 2405:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Splendid ChaosSun, May 2408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
The MenusSun, May 249:30pmBeer Barrel
Terry & AndrewSun, May 2401:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Paul FranksSun, May 246:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, May 242:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSun, May 242:00pmBeer Barrel
Up NextSun, May 249:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike RisnerMon, May 2504:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddMon, May 252:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxMon, May 255:30pmBeer Barrel
The MenusMon, May 259:30pmBeer Barrel
Up NextMon, May 259:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Splendid ChaosMon, May 2508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsMon, May 252:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Scott ParisTue, May 269:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddTue, May 263:00pmBeer Barrel
Captain Sweet ShoesWed, May 279:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Captain Sweet ShoesWed, May 272:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bar PilotsThu, May 289:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, May 29TBAReel Bar
The Lepolion EffectFri, May 2908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensFri, May 2904:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Tricky DickFri, May 299:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, May 292:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, May 294:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Bright Light BandFri, May 299:30pmBeer Barrel
The Lepolion EffectSat, May 3008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallySat, May 309:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSat, May 305:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSat, May 302:00pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, May 3011:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Paul FranksSat, May 306:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Tyler StevensSat, May 3004:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Tricky DickSat, May 309:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, May 302:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingSun, May 3108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddSun, May 312:00pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, May 312:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallySun, May 319:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSun, May 315:30pmBeer Barrel
Tricky DickSun, May 319:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksTue, June 029:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandWed, June 032:00pmRound House Bar
Paul FranksWed, June 039:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandThu, June 049:00pmRound House Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowThu, June 042:00pmRound House Bar
Kenny KiddThu, June 049:00pmBeer Barrel
Cooper & The Jam,Fri, June 059:30pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensFri, June 0505:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
BenderzFri, June 059:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, June 054:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Kenny KiddFri, June 055:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, June 059:00pmFishbowl
Hot Sauce CommitteeFri, June 0508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Cooper & The Jam,Sat, June 069:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSat, June 062:00pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensSat, June 0605:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Hot Sauce CommitteeSat, June 0608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, June 06TBAReel Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, June 0611:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, June 062:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, June 066:30pmRoundhouse Bar
BenderzSat, June 069:30pmRoundhouse Bar
VenyxSat, June 065:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSun, June 072:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSun, June 075:30pmBeer Barrel
Hot Sauce CommitteeSun, June 0708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Cooper & The Jam,Sun, June 079:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, June 072:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bar PilotsSun, June 079:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bar PilotsMon, June 089:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Scott ParisMon, June 082:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright LightMon, June 084:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddMon, June 089:00pmBeer Barrel
Whiskey Hickon BoysTue, June 099:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddTue, June 099:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightTue, June 094:00pmBeer Barrel
Scott ParisTue, June 092:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright LightWed, June 104:00pmBeer Barrel
Whiskey Hickon BoysWed, June 109:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddWed, June 109:00pmBeer Barrel
Phlocking of the PhaithfulThu, June 1108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Whiskey Hickon BoysThu, June 119:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallyThu, June 119:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, June 115:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightThu, June 112:00pmBeer Barrel
The SelloutsThu, June 112:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, June 122:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Emily's Toy BoxFri, June 129:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Phlocking of the PhaithfulFri, June 1208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddFri, June 125:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, June 12TBAReel Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, June 124:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Bright LightFri, June 122:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyFri, June 129:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSat, June 135:30pmBeer Barrel
Phlocking of the PhaithfulSat, June 1308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallySat, June 139:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, June 132:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSat, June 132:00pmBeer Barrel
Emily's Toy BoxSat, June 139:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, June 136:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, June 133:00pmFishbowl
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, June 1311:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Mustang SallySun, June 149:30pmBeer Barrel
Emily's Toy BoxSun, June 149:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Phlocking of the PhaithfulSun, June 1410:00amMr. Ed's Patio
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, June 142:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandSun, June 145:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSun, June 142:00pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksMon, June 152:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright LightMon, June 154:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyMon, June 159:30pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingMon, June 1508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
3 and OutTue, June 169:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingTue, June 1608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Captain Sweet ShoesTue, June 162:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Savannah JackTue, June 169:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightTue, June 164:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightWed, June 174:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandWed, June 172:00pmRound House Bar
Tricky DickWed, June 179:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Savannah JackWed, June 179:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleyWed, June 1705:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Gas Station DiscoWed, June 1708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Gas Station DiscoThu, June 1808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tricky DickThu, June 189:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright LightThu, June 182:00pmBeer Barrel
Savannah JackThu, June 189:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, June 185:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandThu, June 182:00pmRound House Bar
Chris DonleyThu, June 1805:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Gas Station DiscoFri, June 1908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensFri, June 1905:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Up NextFri, June 199:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, June 192:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, June 199:00pmFishbowl
The MenusFri, June 199:30pmBeer Barrel
Jason on the PatioFri, June 1901:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, June 194:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Kenny KiddFri, June 195:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightFri, June 192:00pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksSat, June 206:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, June 202:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleySat, June 2002:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Pop RocksSat, June 2008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensSat, June 2005:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
The MenusSat, June 209:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSat, June 202:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, June 203:00pmFishbowl
Up NextSat, June 209:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, June 2011:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
VenyxSat, June 205:30pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosSun, June 219:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Brandon HarrisSun, June 2104:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, June 212:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusSun, June 219:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleySun, June 2102:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Pop RocksSun, June 2108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Danger BrothersSun, June 212:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSun, June 216:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightMon, June 222:00pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosMon, June 229:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Matt Webber LiveMon, June 222:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddMon, June 225:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyMon, June 229:30pmBeer Barrel
Old SkoolMon, June 2208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallyTue, June 239:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddTue, June 235:30pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosTue, June 239:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Matt Webber LiveTue, June 232:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Old SkoolTue, June 2308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bright LightTue, June 232:00pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingWed, June 2404:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallyWed, June 249:30pmBeer Barrel
Old SkoolWed, June 2408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bright LightWed, June 242:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddWed, June 245:30pmBeer Barrel
Paradise IslandWed, June 249:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paradise IslandThu, June 252:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallyThu, June 259:30pmBeer Barrel
WebstersThu, June 259:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright LightThu, June 252:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, June 255:30pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingThu, June 2504:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Full TiltThu, June 2508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Full TiltFri, June 2608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensFri, June 2605:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, June 264:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, June 26TBAReel Bar
Mustang SallyFri, June 269:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddFri, June 265:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightFri, June 262:00pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, June 262:00pmRoundhouse Bar
WebstersFri, June 269:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingFri, June 2601:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Zack AttackSat, June 2708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, June 27TBAReel Bar
Tyler StevensSat, June 2705:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Kenny KiddSat, June 272:00pmBeer Barrel
Smoke n' GunsSat, June 275:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSat, June 272:00pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, June 272:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, June 276:30pmRoundhouse Bar
WebstersSat, June 279:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Wedding BannedSat, June 279:30pmBeer Barrel
Joe WoodsSat, June 2701:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, June 2711:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Kenny KiddSun, June 282:00pmBeer Barrel
Chris Knopp Accoustic SoloSun, June 2804:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Wedding BannedSun, June 289:30pmBeer Barrel
Zack AttackSun, June 2808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, June 282:00pmRoundhouse Bar
TwinpfunkSun, June 289:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Smoke n' GunsSun, June 285:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightMon, June 292:00pmBeer Barrel
Sunset StripMon, June 2908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Scott ParisMon, June 292:00pmRoundhouse Bar
SwaggMon, June 299:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddMon, June 295:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyMon, June 299:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyTue, June 309:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright LightTue, June 302:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddTue, June 305:30pmBeer Barrel
Sunset StripTue, June 3008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Scott ParisTue, June 302:00pmRoundhouse Bar
SwaggTue, June 309:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Tricky DickWed, July 019:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Splendid ChaosWed, July 0108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddWed, July 012:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyWed, July 019:30pmBeer Barrel
Toast & JamWed, July 015:30pmBeer Barrel
Captain Sweet ShoesWed, July 012:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Calen SavidgeWed, July 0104:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Calen SavidgeThu, July 0204:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Splendid ChaosThu, July 0208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowThu, July 024:00pmFrosty Bar
Mustang SallyThu, July 029:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, July 022:00pmBeer Barrel
Captain Sweet ShoesThu, July 022:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Tricky DickThu, July 029:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Toast & JamThu, July 025:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, July 032:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, July 039:00pmFishbowl
Paul FranksFri, July 036:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosFri, July 039:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Splendid ChaosFri, July 0308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Toast & JamFri, July 035:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, July 034:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
The MenusFri, July 039:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddFri, July 032:00pmBeer Barrel
Terry & AndrewFri, July 0301:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensFri, July 0305:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, July 0411:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
The MenusSat, July 049:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, July 042:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, July 046:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosSat, July 049:30pmRoundhouse Bar
VenyxSat, July 045:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSat, July 042:00pmBeer Barrel
Calen SavidgeSat, July 0404:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Kenny KiddSat, July 042:00pmBeer Barrel
4th day EchoSat, July 0408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
4th day EchoSat, July 0412:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, July 052:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosSun, July 059:00pmRoundhouse Bar
4th day EchoSun, July 0512:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Brandon HarrisSun, July 0504:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSun, July 05TBAReel Bar
4th day EchoSun, July 0508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Danger BrothersSun, July 052:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSun, July 056:30pmBeer Barrel
The MenusSun, July 059:30pmBeer Barrel
Savannah JackMon, July 069:30pmBeer Barrel
Courtney GailMon, July 062:00pmBeer Barrel
Matt Webber LiveMon, July 062:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosMon, July 069:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Pop FictionMon, July 0608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddMon, July 065:30pmBeer Barrel
Savannah JackTue, July 079:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddTue, July 075:30pmBeer Barrel
Courtney GailTue, July 072:00pmBeer Barrel
Pop FictionTue, July 0708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Paul FranksTue, July 072:00pmRoundhouse Bar
3 and OutTue, July 079:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddWed, July 085:30pmBeer Barrel
Courtney GailWed, July 082:00pmBeer Barrel
Paradise IslandWed, July 089:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paradise IslandWed, July 082:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleyWed, July 0805:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Pop RocksWed, July 0808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Savannah JackWed, July 089:30pmBeer Barrel
Savannah JackThu, July 099:30pmBeer Barrel
Paradise IslandThu, July 092:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Emily's Toy BoxThu, July 099:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleyThu, July 0905:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Courtney GailThu, July 092:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, July 095:30pmBeer Barrel
Pop RocksThu, July 0908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Courtney GailFri, July 102:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddFri, July 105:30pmBeer Barrel
Savannah JackFri, July 109:30pmBeer Barrel
Emily's Toy BoxFri, July 109:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Tyler StevensFri, July 1005:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Pete & WayneFri, July 102:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, July 10TBAReel Bar
Pop RocksFri, July 1008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, July 104:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Chris DonleyFri, July 1002:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, July 11TBAReel Bar
Your Villian My HeroSat, July 1108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Calen SavidgeSat, July 1101:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Tyler StevensSat, July 1105:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Kenny KiddSat, July 112:00pmBeer Barrel
Smoke n' GunsSat, July 115:30pmBeer Barrel
Pfreak ShowSat, July 119:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, July 1111:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Emily's Toy BoxSat, July 119:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, July 116:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Pete & WayneSat, July 112:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris Knopp Accoustic SoloSun, July 1204:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Pfreak ShowSun, July 129:30pmBeer Barrel
Your Villian My HeroSun, July 1208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Smoke n' GunsSun, July 126:00pmBeer Barrel
Whiskey Hickon BoysSun, July 129:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSun, July 122:00pmFrosty Bar
Pete & WayneSun, July 122:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Whiskey Hickon BoysMon, July 139:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddMon, July 132:00pmBeer Barrel
Last Born SonsMon, July 1308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bright Light BandMon, July 135:30pmBeer Barrel
Scott ParisMon, July 132:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Scott ParisTue, July 142:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Whiskey Hickon BoysTue, July 149:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandTue, July 145:30pmBeer Barrel
Last Born SonsTue, July 1408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddTue, July 142:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyTue, July 149:30pmBeer Barrel
Noisy NeighborsWed, July 1508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallyWed, July 159:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandWed, July 152:00pmRound House Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandWed, July 159:00pmRound House Bar
Kenny KiddWed, July 152:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandWed, July 155:30pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingWed, July 1504:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Noisy NeighborsThu, July 1608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Angel TippingThu, July 1604:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bright Light BandThu, July 165:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, July 162:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyThu, July 169:30pmBeer Barrel
Tricky DickThu, July 169:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandThu, July 162:00pmRound House Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, July 174:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, July 172:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The PersonnelFri, July 1708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensFri, July 1705:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Angel TippingFri, July 1701:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tricky DickFri, July 179:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandFri, July 175:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, July 179:00pmFishbowl
Kenny KiddFri, July 172:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyFri, July 179:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, July 182:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSat, July 182:00pmBeer Barrel
The PersonnelSat, July 1808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensSat, July 1805:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Calen SavidgeSat, July 1801:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Paul FranksSat, July 186:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Tricky DickSat, July 189:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, July 1811:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Wally & the BeavsSat, July 185:30pmBeer Barrel
Cooper & The Jam,Sat, July 189:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSat, July 182:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSun, July 192:00pmFrosty Bar
Wally & the BeavsSun, July 196:30pmBeer Barrel
Cooper & The Jam,Sun, July 199:30pmBeer Barrel
Sunset StripSun, July 1908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Billy Morris DuoSun, July 1912:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Chris Knopp Accoustic SoloSun, July 1904:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Killer FlamingosSun, July 199:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, July 192:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosMon, July 202:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosMon, July 209:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddMon, July 202:00pmBeer Barrel
Toast & JamMon, July 205:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyMon, July 209:30pmBeer Barrel
Sunset StripMon, July 2008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Killer FlamingosTue, July 219:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosTue, July 212:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallyTue, July 219:30pmBeer Barrel
Toast & JamTue, July 215:30pmBeer Barrel
Sunset StripTue, July 2108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddTue, July 212:00pmBeer Barrel
Old SkoolWed, July 2208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
My Hero ZeroWed, July 229:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Calen SavidgeWed, July 2204:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
The SelloutsWed, July 222:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallyWed, July 229:30pmBeer Barrel
Toast & JamWed, July 225:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddWed, July 222:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyThu, July 239:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, July 232:00pmBeer Barrel
Calen SavidgeThu, July 2304:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Dj Rehab PoolsideThu, July 234:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Old SkoolThu, July 2308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Toast & JamThu, July 235:30pmBeer Barrel
My Hero ZeroThu, July 232:00pmRoundhouse Bar
My Hero ZeroThu, July 239:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Toast & JamFri, July 245:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddFri, July 242:00pmBeer Barrel
Hot Sauce CommitteeFri, July 2408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensFri, July 2405:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Calen SavidgeFri, July 2401:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, July 242:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksFri, July 246:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, July 2411:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
WebstersFri, July 249:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, July 24TBAReel Bar
The MenusFri, July 249:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSat, July 252:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSat, July 255:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, July 252:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, July 256:30pmRoundhouse Bar
WebstersSat, July 259:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, July 253:00pmFishbowl
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, July 2511:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Tyler StevensSat, July 2503:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Hot Sauce CommitteeSat, July 2508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
The MenusSat, July 259:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, July 262:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Hot Sauce CommitteeSun, July 2608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Chris Knopp Accoustic SoloSun, July 2604:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
WebstersSun, July 269:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusSun, July 269:30pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSun, July 265:30pmBeer Barrel
Danger BrothersSun, July 262:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddMon, July 272:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxMon, July 275:30pmBeer Barrel
Last Born SonsMon, July 2708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
The MenusMon, July 279:30pmBeer Barrel
Bar PilotsMon, July 279:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Scott ParisMon, July 272:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandTue, July 285:30pmBeer Barrel
Bar PilotsTue, July 289:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Last Born SonsTue, July 2808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Scott ParisTue, July 282:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddTue, July 282:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyTue, July 289:30pmBeer Barrel
Paradise IslandWed, July 299:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleyWed, July 2905:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Paradise IslandWed, July 292:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandWed, July 295:30pmBeer Barrel
Zack AttackWed, July 2908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallyWed, July 299:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddWed, July 292:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, July 302:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandThu, July 305:30pmBeer Barrel
BenderzThu, July 309:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallyThu, July 309:30pmBeer Barrel
Paradise IslandThu, July 302:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleyThu, July 3005:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Zack AttackThu, July 3008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, July 314:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Mustang SallyFri, July 319:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandFri, July 315:30pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensFri, July 3105:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Kenny KiddFri, July 312:00pmBeer Barrel
Brandon HarrisFri, July 3101:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, July 31TBAReel Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, July 312:00pmRoundhouse Bar
BenderzFri, July 319:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Zack AttackFri, July 3108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Paul FranksSat, August 016:30pmRoundhouse Bar
BenderzSat, August 019:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, August 012:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSat, August 012:00pmBeer Barrel
Wally & the BeavsSat, August 015:30pmBeer Barrel
Wedding BannedSat, August 019:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, August 01TBAReel Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, August 0111:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Calen SavidgeSat, August 0101:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Nylon PinkSat, August 0108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensSat, August 0105:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Wedding BannedSun, August 029:30pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosSun, August 029:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, August 022:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Wally & the BeavsSun, August 025:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSun, August 022:00pmFrosty Bar
Nylon PinkSun, August 0208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Danger BrothersSun, August 022:00pmBeer Barrel
Chris Knopp Accoustic SoloSun, August 0204:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddMon, August 032:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandMon, August 035:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyMon, August 039:30pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosMon, August 039:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Matt Webber LiveMon, August 032:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddTue, August 042:00pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosTue, August 049:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Matt Webber LiveTue, August 042:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandTue, August 045:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyTue, August 049:30pmBeer Barrel
Captain Sweet ShoesWed, August 052:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingWed, August 0504:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Captain Sweet ShoesWed, August 059:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddWed, August 052:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandWed, August 055:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyWed, August 059:30pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingThu, August 0604:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bar PilotsThu, August 069:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallyThu, August 069:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandThu, August 065:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, August 062:00pmBeer Barrel
Captain Sweet ShoesThu, August 062:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Hot Sauce CommitteeThu, August 0608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, August 072:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Emily's Toy BoxFri, August 079:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Tyler StevensFri, August 0705:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, August 074:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
The MenusFri, August 079:30pmBeer Barrel
Hot Sauce CommitteeFri, August 0708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Angel TippingFri, August 0701:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddFri, August 072:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, August 079:00pmFishbowl
Bright Light BandFri, August 075:30pmBeer Barrel
Emily's Toy BoxSat, August 089:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, August 086:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, August 082:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSat, August 082:00pmBeer Barrel
Smoke n' GunsSat, August 085:30pmBeer Barrel
Calen SavidgeSat, August 0801:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
The MenusSat, August 089:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, August 0811:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSat, August 082:00pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensSat, August 0805:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Radio TokyoSat, August 0808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Chris Knopp Accoustic SoloSun, August 0904:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Radio TokyoSun, August 0908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
The MenusSun, August 099:30pmBeer Barrel
Smoke n' GunsSun, August 096:00pmBeer Barrel
Emily's Toy BoxSun, August 099:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, August 092:00pmRoundhouse Bar
3 and OutMon, August 109:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleyMon, August 1008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddMon, August 102:00pmBeer Barrel
Toast & JamMon, August 105:30pmBeer Barrel
The MenusMon, August 109:30pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksMon, August 102:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Toast & JamTue, August 115:30pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksTue, August 112:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleyTue, August 1108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallyTue, August 119:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddTue, August 112:00pmBeer Barrel
Toast & JamWed, August 125:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddWed, August 122:00pmBeer Barrel
Gas Station DiscoWed, August 1208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallyWed, August 129:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandWed, August 122:00pmRound House Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandWed, August 129:00amRound House Bar
Calen SavidgeWed, August 1204:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandThu, August 132:00pmRound House Bar
Tricky DickThu, August 139:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Calen SavidgeThu, August 1304:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Gas Station DiscoThu, August 1308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Toast & JamThu, August 135:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyThu, August 139:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, August 132:00pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallyFri, August 149:30pmBeer Barrel
Toast & JamFri, August 145:30pmBeer Barrel
Tricky DickFri, August 149:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Gas Station DiscoFri, August 1408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddFri, August 142:00pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensFri, August 1405:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Jason on the PatioFri, August 1401:00pmMr. Ed's Patio
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, August 14TBAReel Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, August 144:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, August 142:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Joe WoodsSat, August 1501:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Wedding BannedSat, August 159:30pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensSat, August 1505:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Full TiltSat, August 1508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddSat, August 152:00pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksSat, August 156:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Tricky DickSat, August 159:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, August 1511:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Bright Light BandSat, August 155:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, August 15TBAReel Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, August 152:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosSun, August 169:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, August 162:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Wedding BannedSun, August 169:30pmBeer Barrel
Full TiltSun, August 1608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Danger BrothersSun, August 162:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSun, August 165:30pmBeer Barrel
Scott ParisMon, August 172:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosMon, August 179:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddMon, August 172:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandMon, August 175:30pmBeer Barrel
Old SkoolMon, August 1708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Nashville CrushMon, August 179:30pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosTue, August 189:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddTue, August 185:30pmBeer Barrel
Scott ParisTue, August 182:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Courtney GailTue, August 182:00pmBeer Barrel
Old SkoolTue, August 1808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Nashville CrushTue, August 189:30pmBeer Barrel
Nashville CrushWed, August 199:30pmBeer Barrel
Paradise IslandWed, August 192:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Courtney GailWed, August 192:00pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddWed, August 195:30pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingWed, August 1904:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Rumor MillWed, August 1908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Paradise IslandWed, August 199:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddThu, August 205:30pmBeer Barrel
Courtney GailThu, August 202:00pmBeer Barrel
Nashville CrushThu, August 209:30pmBeer Barrel
My Hero ZeroThu, August 209:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paradise IslandThu, August 202:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingThu, August 2004:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Rumor MillThu, August 2008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, August 219:00pmFishbowl
Mustang SallyFri, August 219:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, August 214:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Rumor MillFri, August 2108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
My Hero ZeroFri, August 219:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Courtney GailFri, August 212:00pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensFri, August 2105:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Rumor MillFri, August 2101:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Pete & WayneFri, August 212:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddFri, August 215:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSat, August 222:00pmBeer Barrel
Velvet ShakeSat, August 2208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Joe WoodsSat, August 2201:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensSat, August 2205:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Paul FranksSat, August 226:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Pete & WayneSat, August 222:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSat, August 222:00pmBeer Barrel
Back Country RoadsSat, August 225:30pmBeer Barrel
My Hero ZeroSat, August 229:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, August 2211:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Mustang SallySat, August 229:30pmBeer Barrel
Back Country RoadsSun, August 236:00pmBeer Barrel
Pete & WayneSun, August 232:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallySun, August 239:30pmBeer Barrel
Whiskey Hickon BoysSun, August 239:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSun, August 232:00pmBeer Barrel
Angel TippingSun, August 2304:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Velvet ShakeSun, August 2308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Whiskey Hickon BoysMon, August 249:00pmRoundhouse Bar
JamesonMon, August 242:00pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksMon, August 242:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingMon, August 2408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Back Country RoadsMon, August 249:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddMon, August 245:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddTue, August 252:30pmBeer Barrel
Smoke n' GunsTue, August 259:30pmBeer Barrel
Whiskey Hickon BoysTue, August 259:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingTue, August 2508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Paul FranksTue, August 252:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddWed, August 262:30pmBeer Barrel
Smoke n' GunsWed, August 269:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleyWed, August 2608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
3 and OutWed, August 269:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandWed, August 262:00pmRound House Bar
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandThu, August 279:00pmRound House Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowThu, August 272:00pmRound House Bar
Smoke n' GunsThu, August 279:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddThu, August 272:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleyThu, August 2708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
JamesonFri, August 282:00pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, August 284:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Up NextFri, August 289:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, August 282:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddFri, August 285:30 10 9:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, August 289:00pmFishbowl
Tyler StevensFri, August 2805:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
The Lepolion EffectFri, August 2808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
The MenusSat, August 299:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, August 2911:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Peanut Butter & JamSat, August 295:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, August 293:00pmFishbowl
Tyler StevensSat, August 2905:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
The Lepolion EffectSat, August 2908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Paul FranksSat, August 296:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddSat, August 292:00pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, August 292:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Up NextSat, August 299:30pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusSun, August 309:30pmBeer Barrel
Danger BrothersSun, August 302:00pmBeer Barrel
Calen SavidgeSun, August 3008:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Peanut Butter & JamSun, August 306:30pmBeer Barrel
Up NextSun, August 309:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Ray Fogg ShowSun, August 302:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusMon, August 319:30pmBeer Barrel
Peanut Butter & JamMon, August 315:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddMon, August 312:00pmBeer Barrel
Scott ParisMon, August 319:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Kenny KiddTue, September 013:00pmBeer Barrel
Scott ParisTue, September 019:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The SelloutsWed, September 022:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Captain Sweet ShoesWed, September 029:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright LightWed, September 023:00pmBeer Barrel
Captain Sweet ShoesThu, September 032:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Arctic ClamThu, September 039:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright LightThu, September 033:00pmBeer Barrel
Tyler StevensFri, September 0405:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
4th day EchoFri, September 0408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tricky DickFri, September 049:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, September 042:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallyFri, September 049:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, September 044:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, September 049:00pmFishbowl
Bright LightFri, September 043:00pmBeer Barrel
Splendid ChaosSat, September 0508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Terry & AndrewSat, September 0501:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, September 0511:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Tyler StevensSat, September 0505:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, September 052:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Tricky DickSat, September 059:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSat, September 056:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Splendid ChaosSat, September 0508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddSat, September 052:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSat, September 052:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSat, September 055:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallySat, September 059:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSun, September 062:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood & the Calabash BandSun, September 062:00pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSun, September 065:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallySun, September 069:30pmBeer Barrel
Terry & AndrewSun, September 0601:00pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tyler StevensSun, September 0605:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, September 062:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Paul FranksSun, September 066:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Tricky DickSun, September 069:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Splendid ChaosSun, September 0608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Splendid ChaosSun, September 0608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Splendid ChaosMon, September 0708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike RisnerMon, September 0704:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kenny KiddMon, September 073:00pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowMon, September 07?8:30pmReel Bar
Splendid ChaosMon, September 0708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsMon, September 072:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Killer FlamingosMon, September 079:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Whiskey Hickon BoysTue, September 089:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowWed, September 092:00pmRound House Bar
Whiskey Hickon BoysWed, September 099:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Whiskey Hickon BoysThu, September 109:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Ray Fogg ShowFri, September 112:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusFri, September 119:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, September 114:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Flabango NationFri, September 1108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Nowhere SlowFri, September 119:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusSat, September 129:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSat, September 125:30pmBeer Barrel
Flabango NationSat, September 1208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Kyle WhiteSat, September 122:00pmBeer Barrel
Bluff CanucksSat, September 122:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, September 1211:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Nowhere SlowSat, September 129:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusSun, September 139:30pmBeer Barrel
Kenny KiddSun, September 132:00pmBeer Barrel
Nowhere SlowSun, September 139:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Johnny Rocker & The Hit MenSun, September 135:30pmBeer Barrel
Nowhere SlowSun, September 132:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleySun, September 1308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Up NextFri, September 189:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, September 184:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, September 189:00pmFishbowl
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsFri, September 182:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Velvet ShakeFri, September 1808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, September 1911:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, September 193:00pmFishbowl
Kyle WhiteSat, September 192:00pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSat, September 195:30pmBeer Barrel
Up NextSat, September 199:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, September 192:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Velvet ShakeSat, September 1908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mustang SallySat, September 199:30pmBeer Barrel
Paul FranksSat, September 196:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallySun, September 209:30pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSun, September 205:30pmBeer Barrel
Johnny Rocker & The Hit MenSun, September 202:00pmBeer Barrel
TwinpfunkSun, September 209:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, September 202:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Angel TippingSun, September 2008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, September 254:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
The JunkFri, September 2508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, September 259:00pmFishbowl
The JunkSat, September 2608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, September 263:00pmFishbowl
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, September 2611:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Paul FranksSat, September 266:30pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, September 262:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandSat, September 265:30pmBeer Barrel
Savannah JackSat, September 269:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleySun, September 2708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Savannah JackSun, September 279:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSun, September 275:30pmBeer Barrel
Captain Sweet ShoesSun, September 279:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, September 272:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Johnny Rocker & The Hit MenSun, September 272:00pmBeer Barrel
Rumor MillFri, October 0208:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, October 024:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Shake Shake ShakeFri, October 029:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, October 029:00pmFishbowl
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, October 03TBAReel Bar
Savannah JackSat, October 039:30pmBeer Barrel
FeedbackSat, October 032:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bright Light BandSat, October 035:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, October 0311:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Rumor MillSat, October 0308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Shake Shake ShakeSat, October 039:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Calen SavidgeSun, October 0408:30pmMr. Ed's Patio
Paul FranksSun, October 049:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Savannah JackSun, October 049:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSun, October 045:30pmBeer Barrel
Dj Rehab PoolsideFri, October 094:00pmPut-in-Bay Resort
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, October 099:00pmFishbowl
Full TiltFri, October 0908:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
BenderzFri, October 099:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, October 103:00pmFishbowl
Full TiltSat, October 1008:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, October 102:00pmRoundhouse Bar
BenderzSat, October 109:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Dj Rehab PoolsideSat, October 1011:00amPut-in-Bay Resort
Bright Light BandSat, October 105:30pmBeer Barrel
Mustang SallySat, October 109:30pmBeer Barrel
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSun, October 112:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Chris DonleySun, October 1108:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Paul FranksSun, October 119:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Mustang SallySun, October 119:30pmBeer Barrel
Bright Light BandSun, October 115:30pmBeer Barrel
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, October 169:00pmFishbowl
Killer FlamingosFri, October 169:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Pop RocksFri, October 1608:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Pop RocksSat, October 1708:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, October 173:00pmFishbowl
Killer FlamingosSat, October 172:00pmRoundhouse Bar
VenyxSat, October 179:30pmBeer Barrel
Killer FlamingosSat, October 179:00pmRoundhouse Bar
VenyxSun, October 189:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleySun, October 1808:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tricky DickFri, October 239:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowFri, October 239:00pmFishbowl
Zack AttackFri, October 2308:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Mike "Mad Dog" AdamsSat, October 242:00pmRoundhouse Bar
Bob Gatewood Solo ShowSat, October 24TBAReel Bar
The MenusSat, October 249:30pmBeer Barrel
Zack AttackSat, October 2408:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage
Tricky DickSat, October 249:00pmRoundhouse Bar
The MenusSun, October 259:30pmBeer Barrel
VenyxSun, October 255:30pmBeer Barrel
Chris DonleySun, October 2508:30pmMr. Ed's Mainstage

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